The Pantone Color of the Year is Nature at Its Prettiest

Whether we would like to acknowledge it or not, 2018 hasn’t been the most relaxing of years. Between the hyper politicization of everyday life, upending of long-held establishments, social media trolls, and global warming, sometimes we can’t help but wish it’s the new year already. And it looks like the experts behind the Pantone Color of the next year feel the same way too.

Presenting, the Pantone Color of 2019: Living Coral.

Bright, peachy orange with golden undertones, Living Coral may have been taken from under the sea, but it feels optimistic as a bright sunny day. Compared to the serious Ultra Violet of last year, Living Coral is a friendly color that is universally flattering and could give your home that pop of color you never know it needed.

While the group of color experts deciding on the Pantone color of the year is shrouded in mystery, Laurie Pressman, vice president of Pantone’s color consulting unit explained at least a part of decision process in an interview with Quartz: “It’s a reflection of what’s taking place. It’s a color snapshot symbolic of what’s taking place in the culture at a moment in time.” Living Coral has actually already appeared in fashion runways, furniture, home interiors, corporate branding, websites, and tech gadgets through the past year, most of us just didn’t notice it.

Well, Living Coral is certainly being noticed now, and embracing its positive tones is a great way to look forward to the New Year.

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