No Frills Nest Manila Holiday Gift Ideas

It’s officially that time of year.  Yes, folks, it’s almost Christmas.  Each year the must-have items are out earlier and earlier and your list seems to get longer and longer.  Lucky for you and your wallet, staying on budget also happens to be on trend, which means that these best-selling finds are affordable whether you’re looking for the perfect Christmas present for your friends or loved ones, this is your one-stop-shop for all of your holiday shopping needs.  Pro Tip:  Pick up a little something nice for yourself too!

Finish your holiday checklist in just a day (or less) with our no-frills holiday gift guide!

For someone who loves to be fit


We all know somebody (maybe you’re one of them!) who lives and breathes fitness. And the perfect gift idea for someone who enjoys running, hiking, spinning, or  yoga-ing, is something related to what they love the most. Below, you’ll find the fitness gifts regardless of the exercise they love best, any of these top-rated picks will do the trick.

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Perfect for Coffee Geeks

We all have that one person in our life who cannot function without their coffee. And whether they’re the type who heads out to Starbucks for their usual or the kind who makes a fresh cup at home, these gifts for coffee lovers are sure to please. Coffee drinkers actually make the best people to shop for because there are so many trendy and stylish coffee gifts these days. Here are some gifts any coffee enthusiast will enjoy, you’ll discover that a lot of these coffee-inspired presents make great decor gift and even wellness gifts, And the best part of it all is that all of these picks are affordable finds that won’t break the bank.

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For New Parent 


Avoid the sea of pink and blue baby gifts out there; when the holiday time comes. It’s still possible to find an awesome gender-neutral gift. Luckily, loads of brands have stepped up to offer great gifts in cool patterns and in colors. These are the baby gifts that new parents will actually use. Add these to your cart to delight a new parent.

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For at home chefs!

They know their way around a kitchen better than anyone else. During holiday parties, especially, you lean on your favorite at-home chefs  to do the heavy lifting. But actually, the cooks in your life are cooking together delicious meals, snacks, and desserts for gatherings year-round. The best way to show that you recognize and more than anything appreciate their passion for cooking is with these incredible kitchen gifts. These ideas, which are perfect for those who love to be at the kitchen, include the latest and kitchen gadgets, appliances, along with accessories to add color and style to their favorite room in the house. While you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift, check our gift ideas below:

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For someone who loves to host

This year, why not give your hostess a gift that’s not just nice, one that’s truly special, too? Hosting a party is a lot of work, so show your friend how much you appreciate their generosity, and hosting. This list of hostess gift ideas has the perfect present to thank her for her effort. And if you’re the one hosting some parties this year, don’t forget to grab a little something for yourself, there’s nothing wrong with a little self-appreciation, especially when it’s the season of giving. So before your next holiday party  gets here, stock up on some trusty hostess gifts. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the year’s best host and hostess gifts. These finds will wow the party thrower (and their guests) for plenty of merry events to come.

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