Nesting at Christmas

Christmas may be only a few days away, but it has been Christmas in our homes for a few weeks now. The Holidays is really that time of the year when we break put in the effort to make our homes more twinkly, sparkly, festive, and colorful. There is no shame in going all out for Christmas and making your home the bright spot where people could share in your joy for the holidays.

To share in our love for Christmas, we asked Divine, Jam, and Stephanie to share what makes their Christmas decoration themes for this year special.

Divine Lee

This year is extra special for Divine’s family, it’s their baby’s first Christmas ever. “Before, I would decorate according to my mood or my Christmas theme party,” she shares, “So I decided to do traditional red and gold for my house in Cebu and white in Manila.”

Having a new born changes a lot of things in Divine’s holiday decorating routine. Usually, she would have more time to source and conceptualize, but this year she just used her old decors with a few new ornaments. She also colored old decorations to fit her theme.

One of Divine’s favorite decoration is fresh eucalyptus. It’s a neat trick when you want your house to smell of a fresh Christmas tree. A fresh tree would take a lot of work to maintain, especially when you decorate early, like Divine.

Jam Chan Cua

“I love Christmas. It’s my favorite time of the year,” Jam confesses. “It’s very close to my birthday so I really get excited when the -ber months start. I usually start preparing in October since the holiday craziness usually begin in November.”

Because she and her husband love the holidays, Jam goes all out to make the house feel extra Christmassy for themselves and for their guests. “Last year, our motif was bronze gold and red. While this year, I’m doing red and white with a touch of gold. I just normally add a new color to switch with my old one, but usually, red is the main color.”

But with all the Christmas decorations they have in their house, Jam’s favorite out of all of them is their crystal collection with the Nativity, reindeer, angel, and a Christmas tree. “I just love seeing it every time I come home.”

Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi

“Setting up the Christmas tree for me every year is like a ritual,” Stephanie says. “It marks the beginning of Christmas in our home.” Her ritual involves turning down the thermostat of the air conditioner as low as it could go, playing Christmas carols on full blast, and drinking spiced tea as she unwraps her ornaments.

“My tree is full of sentiment —cherished memories from travels, gifted ornaments, stolen old ones from my childhood, milestone tokens and a few gawdy paper curiosities handcrafted by my own little elves,” she shares. This year, Sebastian, her eldest son, played Santa’s Helper (or supervisor), throwing himself fully onto the task at hand. Maxi, her youngest, just played with the felt ornaments, leaving some gaps in the tree. But that’s all right. It makes for a great story for this year. “Because every tree tells a story and every year; even with the same ornaments, it tells a different story.”


Every Christmas, Stephanie adds to the decorations to represent their current situation. This year, blue and white ginger jars were added to their otherwise traditional red and green tree. The jars are for the milestone of moving into their new home, which has been called “The Blue and White Home” by friends and family.

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