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Manila has been exploding with galleries, auctions and art fairs. Just recently emergence and discoveries of artists are landing our blood in international art events. From Silver Lens in Art Basel to young artists doing international shows, I feel that soon more of this artists will be discovered. And I’m so happy that we just recently opened our art section! Having two bases, namely Cebu and Manila, causes me to miss some good art events. But with this section, we will try to be inclusive with current art events all over the Philippines for your convenience.
Currently on our list!

Hay Posters

Shop at Nest: Hay Poster 
Danish furniture maker known for its classic pieces partnered with Chart art fair for these posters. A must have to spruce up your space.

Young artists

Shop at Nest: Her Hearts too Heavy to Feel

We’re always on the lookout for new artists with very distinct style. Great for people beginning their art collections too.

Shop at Nest: Another Aztec Man

Add color to your life!

Shop at Nest: Blue Lagoon
I know most people who keep their home color palette basic, paintings have always been a way to add color and depth. I like mixing and changing painting to change the whole feel of the space.

Stay tuned to our art space

New stuff coming regularly!

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