Decluttering 101: How to Edit your Home for 2019

It may seem rather strange to have an article about having less here in Nest Manila, but decluttering is not directly opposed to shopping. In fact, it’s more about evaluating what you have in your home and being more mindful of what you will have in the future (not to mention having more space for new things). As Marie Kondo had famously put it, does it “Spark joy” for you?

Decluttering is not a one-size-fits-all method. While the Konmari method is trending right now, it’s not the only approach to keeping your home clutter-free. Here are our tips in editing your home.

1. Ask yourself Why you are decluttering. The reason why you are embarking on this endeavor is more important than how you’re going to go about it. This question will help you stick to your resolve through this process. Why would you want to clear your house of clutter? Why do you want more space in your home?

2. Take stock of the value of your things. “Objects are valuable in your life if they create happiness, freedom, and ease,” says Dr. Melva Green, an expert doctor from the TV show Hoarders. “If something cost you money, but fills you with regret whenever you look at it, then it does not have value. If a gift needles you with guilt, then it doesn’t have value. If someone hands down an heirloom to you that carries the burden of expectation, then it doesn’t have value.”

3. Take your time. That clutter didn’t get there overnight, so why would you dispose of it quickly? Tackle one area, one closet, one storage bin at a time so you wouldn’t feel overwhelmed by the task (and the dust) and be tempted to give up. Do it on a regular basis or a little every day for a specific amount of time, and you’ll be done before you know it!

4. Assess and evaluate the purpose of each room or area in your home. Instead of organizing your stuff into bins and labelling them, take out the things that don’t belong in the room and arrange what belongs in it instead.

5. “Just in case means never,” is a good advice from Courtney Carver, author of Soulful Simplicity.

6. Clear flat surfaces is a short cut to a clean and tidy look. Go ahead, start with that cluttered vanity table and side tables if the closet’s too big of a job for now. Use trays to organize loose everyday essentials, hang those picture frames on the wall if they take up too much space.

7. Put things back where you got them on the same day. This is how clutter begins. We dump our things on the table and look past them after. Usually, these things that crowd our home are well-loved and necessary but just at the wrong place. You don’t need to throw them away, just put them back in their place.

8. Look at how far you have gone instead of all the things that are yet to be done. When we focus on all the things that we still have yet to do we could get overwhelmed and give up on decluttering. But if we celebrate and ride on the momentum of our success, we would be able to bring this decluttering into completion.

9. Be more mindful of what you let in the door. Now that your home is clear of clutter don’t let any more junk come into your home. Go ahead and shop, but now you know what you need and value in your home.

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