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Welcome! your one stop online destination that provides convenient and customized home shopping experience for the modern home. The Nest Manila team believes in the transformative power of technology and wants to change the home shopping experience for the better, by providing a platform that connects buyers and sellers in one community, wherein people can share their knowledge and passion for home items, design and inspirations.

We constantly update ourselves with the latest trends to make sure we only offer you the most exciting products available.

At Nest Manila our goal is to help customers make their house into a home and help our merchants grow their business with just a few clicks.

What we do!

Our Nest Stories provides fun and insightful articles about modern home, from the perfect accent chair to a unique space, design and tips on home improvement. With the help of our influencers, celebrities  and home specialists to bring you tips, easy how-tos, and great style inspirations you can actually use as a guide in achieving your dream home.

Our Shop, on the other hand, makes everything we talk about immediately accessible to you. We’ve partnered with designers and artisans who share the same passion for home and furnishing design that we know you’re going to love. Our curated assortment of products let’s customer view a wide range of home design inspirations and consult with experts online, ensuring satisfaction with every purchase.

Our Journey to your Dream Home

We asked ourselves, “What makes a house a home?” building a house is a structural endeavor, but to able to transform that house into a home is a personal and intimate process. That’s why we’re here. We want every person to transform their houses into their dream homes. But so much more than that, we want to achieve it without the stress, the hassle, and the inconvenience.

At Nest Manila we are making it convenient, we are keeping it personal and we are leading the way. We can’t wait for you to start your journey to your dream home with us!