Taking Care of Your Baby with Nest Baby

Few things bring to mind new beginnings than babies. Oh, the joy, preparation, and anticipation surrounding a baby’s arrival can consume the hearts, imagination, and pockets of not just the parents but family and friends as well. Here in Nest Manila, we totally get the excitement, this is why we have Nest Baby, a collection curated just for little ones and the special spaces in your homes for them.


Octopus Stuffed Toy

While the stuffed teddy bear will always be a classic, an octopus stuffed toy could be an early expression of non-conformity for your child. It’s up to the parents of course, but going the unconventional route for your child’s first stuffy may be a great way to encourage your child to think outside of the box. Plus, this stuffed octopus is super comfy!

Baby Snug with Play Tray

 One of the best things about being a baby is everything is literally new! Any parent can attest that the first year is filled with milestones of the baby’s firsts. When she can support her own head (as early as three months), help her sit up and take notice of more of the world around her with Baby Snug. It’s the safe, supportive seat that adapts to fit your baby’s changing size.

The specially designed shape of the seat means the baby can’t wriggle out of it, giving parents some peace of mind as she enjoys a safer and more independent play time. The removable play tray has eight interactive features and six different toy arrangements so the baby could enjoy it in different ways as she grows up. Just remember to always have adult supervision when the baby is on the seat.

Oribel Vertiplay Treetop Adventure

Any child would have fun playing with Mr. Caterpillar as he whizzes down the magnificent tree! On the way down, he slides into a mushroom tower, knocks against the swing, speeds down a slide before landing on the bottom. Kids and parents could spend hours telling the stories of the adventures of Mr. Caterpillar complete with sounds and movement.

The toy also helps in developing eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, and understanding cause and effect relationship. Plus, VertiPlay wall toys stick on vertical surfaces like walls and doors. Toys on walls mean less clutter on the floor (or, at least more space for more toys on the floor!).

Black and White Teepee

Kids love tents. It’s like having their own house in their room. It makes for a great hiding place or a setting for stories that they create with their own imagination. This black and white teepee is not only gender-neutral, but also rather stylish too — something that chic parents would appreciate, even if it wouldn’t matter to the kids.


Creamhaus Inua Bumper Bed

For both parents and the baby. The bumper bed is a great solution for co-sleeping in the same room as the parents and it’s big enough to fit an adult. Parents can rest easy, its quilted cotton cover base and bumper guards keep the baby safe and comfortable. It is easy to keep clean with its antibacterial and waterproof surface, removable and washable covers. The bed can also be used as a ball pool or a play mat when the baby isn’t sleeping!

Miracle Hip Seat Carrier with Sleeping Hood, Organic Teething Pads, Organic Front Bib and Extra Panel (for SSC Convertion)

This multi-purpose baby carrier saves parents’ shoulders, waist, and back from the strain of carrying their growing baby with its ergonomic design and attached hipseat. The shoulder belts are cushioned with soft mesh lining and extra padded waist belt. The designers of this child carrier didn’t just have the baby’s comfort in mind, but the parents’ too.

Oscaro Black Stroller

With is big wheels, dual suspension, the Oscaro stroller can handle all terrains you and your baby want to go. From strolling around town to walks in the woods, with a plush seat and pillow, the baby will be comfortable wherever the road takes you. Its beautiful yet practical design won’t cramp your style.

Aller Plasma Sterilizer

The Aller Plasma Sterilizer may resemble a child’s toy box, but it can sterilize practically anything that you put in it. Its low temperature, no heat process makes it ideal for delicate items such as plastic, silicone, leather, wood, and textiles. It doesn’t use harmful chemicals to sterilize so it’s safe to use for your child’s toys, baby bottles, and clothes.

It has no consumables so you won’t have to replace anything. It produces no harmful radiation when sterilizing so your child is safe to be around it. Plus it only consumes 7 watts of power so you don’t have to worry about your electricity bill!

All of these items are available at Nest Manila, just go to the Nest Baby collection at

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