No Green thumb? No problem! by Divine Lee Go

I now have a vertical garden in my condo, but before that I also didn’t have a green thumb. I managed to kill every plant that entered my house including a cactus. What I learned that each plant species has different “characteristics” when it comes to sunlight, watering and home location. Some indoor plants don’t need sun at all and only needs minimal watering while others need the exact opposite. So what really got me started was the Selloum plant. Almost impossible to kill and needs only minimal watering and can be placed indoor. So after that survived a few months I started including more species step by step. I still have some unsuccessful ones (RIP FIG LEAF TREE) but my vertical garden has been striving for 3 years now!

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If they only had this product, I would have skipped the whole getting to know you part with plants and second guessing if they need more water or sun.

If you live in a condo, want to grow your own “food”, or wants to start with plants the Plantui is perfect.

This fully automated growth process utilizes hydroponics and full spectrum LED grow lights to ensures successful and easy gardening. All these packed into a beautifully designed device.”

You can even choose and mix and match the plants in one plantui.

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No need to drop by a salad bar anymore when you have these in your home! And its hassle free!

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