Nest Manila Mother’s Day Gift Guide

There’s a lot of pressure on us all when it comes to Mother’s Day gift ideas. You want to find something she’ll use all the time, but it can’t be strictly utilitarian. It should also have a sentimental spin. But overthinking it only makes the whole process harder. So don’t!

We’ve done the thinking for you Nest Manila have cherry-picked items that appeal to all sorts of moms. Some are just right for moms who love to pamper themselves, others are just right for those fantastic hostess, and even more are simply sweet and could suit just about anyone.

Wellness Obsessed Mom 

Shop Nest: Yoga Love Healing Cream, Reed Diffuser French Lavender

Wellness is the new trend that will never fade, and we’re sure your mom making that smart jump to the movement. So, for that mom who fell in love with wellness try this Yoga Love Healing Cream and Reed Diffuser in French Lavender. Frankincense and lavender could help her with her anxiety, peppermint could leave her feeling energized, and eucalyptus can help her breathing. If she struggles with any of these, this may just be worth a try

For moms who love to Pamper

Shop Nest: Tisserand Little Box Relaxation, Chill Out Balm

There’s no denying that scents affect moods and breathing. Putting a little Chill out balm and diffuse some oils help your mom’s breathing and this also helps to calm and relax her.

For Fantastic Hostess Mom

Shop Nest: Agate Coasters, Evelyn Marble Mugs, Desire Wine Glass, Bahay Kubo Salt and Pepper Shakers

If your mom is the type to host parties a lot or work on tablescapes for every occasion. This gift is perfect for her!

For Mom who likes to combine Style and Function 

Shop Nest: Abaca Produce Bag, Heart Sponge, Cat Sponge

Get your hands in this Cat and Heart Sponges and Abaca Produce Bags these are gifts that aren’t just for style they are functional too!

 For Sporty Mom

Shop Nest: Sowden Bottle

For the mom who likes to take the workout to the great outdoors grab this Sowden Bottle, its functional design is suitable for containing hot and cold drinks.

Excited to get your Mother’s Day gift shopping done? Drop by today and check off everything from your list. Do you have other gift ideas in mind? Leave us a comment below!

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