Home care and home styling tips from mom

When it comes to making a home clean and cozy, mothers definitely know best! Here are five practical home care and styling tips from our favorite mothers.

Position candles strategically around the house


Candles are good for creating a specific atmosphere, neutralizing or masking specific odors, and decorating your rooms. The best places to have candles would be the rooms that get the most traffic, such as bathrooms, the dining room and your bedroom.


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Create a “statement set”


You’ve heard about having one “statement piece” in a room, but what about having a “statement set” instead? This is something moms are experts at mixing and matching things until they seem just right! You can place similar objects (based on color, texture, material or theme) in a group or set. Odd numbers are best, so three to five items can do. While these items seem “normal” by themselves, together they make for a strong design element in a room. Examples of a “statement set” include assorted jars and vases in the same color, items that represent a bohemian theme, items that all make use of shells, and so on.


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Use storage baskets and boxes to prevent clutter


Moms always have wise sayings and reminders, like “cleanliness is next to godliness” or “clean as you go.” While we may roll our eyes and go oh mom, that doesn’t make what she says any less true! Make sure you have a lot of storage baskets and boxes handy so that you can tidy up before mom arrives for a visit!


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Always use beautiful tableware and plat 

“My mother always used beautiful plates for our family Sunday dinners,” reveals Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi. Instead of reserving your best plates for special occasions, make every occasion special by using your best plates! Stephanie explains that using beautiful plates “made us all appreciate more the time we spent together enjoying a meal. The special setting made a regular weekly occasion special in itself.” Stephanie has continued her mother’s practice, taking it a bit further by always using beautiful plates and tableware, no matter what the meal. “I feel like each meal is a cause for celebration – including breakfast!” she shares.


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Check your bathroom fixtures regularly

The room we most often uses, the bathroom, is sometimes taken for granted. Have a plumber come in regularly to check for grime and build-up in your pipes, sinks and faucets. See if your water heaters and bidets are working properly, and make sure to have your toilets checked for leaks too. Regular maintenance is a must!


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