Hassle Free Holiday Entertaining

Whether we are ready for it or not, the holiday season is the time when parties and gatherings are at their peak. Here at Nest Manila, we embrace parties and entertaining at home. We do realize that these things need preparation and a little extra effort on the hostess’ part. So, here are a few tips to throwing a stress-free Holiday party at your home.

Embrace imperfection.

First and foremost, surrender to the fact that there is no such thing as a perfect holiday party. Take a deep breath and accept that not everything will look the way you planned them. Let yourself be pleasantly surprised by how things turn out. Go ahead and ask for help from your family and friends. You don’t have to do everything yourself. Make a list so you have everything that you need and assign yourself manageable tasks each day leading up to the party so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Plan ahead! And we mean, way ahead.

You can start prepping for a barrage of parties and get-togethers at your house weeks, even months in advance, by stocking up on a few essentials such as cool paper or cloth table napkins, glassware, serving pieces, and even guest bath accessories. Picking up small party items like this throughout the year lets you splurge on small luxuries even while being practical.

Wilmax natural bamboo round chip and dip serving platter Ocean Glassware Tempo 621ml carafe set of 6   Lucaris Shanghai Soul Chardonnay Wine Glass 13oz set of 6

Arrange your furniture to create a good party flow.

Create vignettes around your house to encourage mingling. Instead of an empty space in the middle of your living room, with all the furniture pushed back against the wall, strategically scatter floating furniture such as stools and ottomans. Incorporate spaces where people can stand and talk to each other. Place food on nesting tables, coffee tables, and other surfaces throughout the entertaining area so people won’t have to crowd in one spot for the food.

Quincy wood top nesting table                                                               Cloud ottoman                                                           Liam coffee table

Set the mood.

Keep the decor festive and fun with small details. Lighting is a great shortcut to creating the mood for a party. Since it’s the Christmas holidays, hang fairy lights, light some candles. Have your Christmas playlist ready.

La Vie – peach, milk, flower scented candle                                                                                               Bipolar crystal candle holder – small

Keep it simple.

You don’t have to slave away in the kitchen to cook up delicious and complicated dishes for your guests (unless that’s your thing and cooking all day gives you joy!). Take a page from Italian cooking and stick to a few flavorful ingredients to create dishes that everyone would enjoy. Keep away from the cocktail shaker and just prepare pitchers and punch bowls of holiday cocktails that your guests can pour out for themselves.

 Buy from experts and set them like you made them.

In keeping with embracing what we can and cannot do by ourselves, there is no shame from ordering out. Get cheeses, charcuterie, olives, and desserts from your favorite suppliers and arrange them artistically on nice cheeseboards and serving plates. This way, the food may not have been your own, you still get to put your personal touch in serving your guests.

 Shirbeth Cheeseboard                                             House Lilac large dinner plate – porcelain                                   Rectangular acacia tapas board

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