Baby Proofing by Divine Lee Go

I have another bun in the oven! With baby number 2 coming, baby proofing the house is really a must. Our hands will be filled with two bubs running around. And baby proofing doesn’t mean destroying your carefully curated home. Picking the right baby proof materials will allow you to keep some semblance of design while keeping things safe and functional for baby.

First in baby proofing is

Shop Nest: Super Dense Cushion Guard Brown (also available in Pink, Gray, Black, White and Green)

Shop Nest: Super Dense Corner Cushion Orange (also available in Black, Brown, Mint, Gray, Pink and Beige)

My eldest Baz, is now in his crawling and grabbing on to everything stage and we have to make sure that corners and edges are baby safe. The nice thing about these are that it comes in different colors so there’s no need to worry about matching your furniture and design.

The next in baby proofing is

Shop Nest: Mix and Match Playmat in Gray (available in Teal Blue and Pink)

So far the most efficient mat system I have encountered. The pyramid shapes and colors allows me to design the patterns and maximize the mats in accordance to the floor space. Also comes in different non babyish colors.

More on Nest baby and will do a feature on my new nursery!


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