9 Baby-Proofing Must Haves by Divine Lee Go

Having a baby may mean a change of lifestyle for some, and a bigger change at home. As any parent would understand, we love our artfully curated home but our baby’s safety comes first. I remember my mom saying that before, they were actually left with no choice but rather to just make do with homemade solutions that to baby proof a home. Thankfully, new products that are nicely designed are now available for us parents.

Here are some of my must haves.




1. Toy Storage

Having a baby means a lot of toys scattered around and there is really no way to escape that. I like these handy storage boxes that are light and easy to move around. The cute prints are also a nice touch for any room!

Shop Nest: Toy Storage






2. Laundry Hamper

Especially for a newborn, the baby will be changing clothes numerous times a day, a laundry bag that is easy to bring in and out of the room is a must.

Shop Nest: Laundry Hamper








3. 360 Smart Camera

Whether you are a believer of sleep training or you just need extra eyes to check on baby, the monitor is so important for safety and security. This one in particular has a cry alert that is perfect for sleep training. Also does 360 degrees so you only nee one camera for the whole room.

                              Shop Nest: 360 Smart Camera






4. Play Mat Bag

The fastest way to clean up? Have them play on a mat bag. Easily unpack all the toys during playtime, and just gather to pack after! One easy swoop!

Shop Nest : Play Mat Bag







5. Wall Organizer 

Keep things organized and out of reach from those tiny hands! These are space savers to me!

Shop Nest: Wall Organizer










6. Corner Cushion Guard

Accident prone areas are in need of extra attention. Corner guards are a must. Comes in different colors to match your interiors.

Shop Nest: Corner Cushion Guard







7. Edge Guard

So far the best guards in the market, its thick enough to be super safe and comes in different colors to match furniture.

Shop Nest: Edge Guard









8. Mix and Match Playmat

Must have especially since most of my flooring are tiles. SAFETY ALWAYS FIRST. Also comes in non-kiddie prints so its perfect for you nicely curated home.

Shop Nest: Mix and Match Playmat








9. Inua Bumper Bed

I honestly felt this helped Baz with his rolling over activities, quickly converted to a toy pen as he grew older!







My hit list! Thanks for reading!

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