5 Hacks for Keeping it Cool this Summer

While it’s tempting to just hole up in your room all day and all night to avoid the summer heat, we all know that 24/7 air conditioning can dry up your skin, uses a ton of energy, and isn’t very good for the environment. Here are some environmentally responsible ways to keep your cool this summer.

Use bamboo or cotton sheets and blankets instead.

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Save your silk and satin sheets for the rainy season. Switch to cotton and bamboo for now as these materials are more breathable and light.

Add plants indoors.

Having plants in a room can improve air quality, reduce the overall temperature, and help you feel relaxed and cool. Consider adding a few indoor plants and terrariums in your living room, dining area or bedrooms.

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Use your fans strategically.

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Consider getting a ceiling fan or place electric fans in places where you want to get more airflow, like stuff rooms and corners. You can also point your fan towards a window so that it pushes hot air out (so that the hot air doesn’t keep circulating in a room). Tip: place a bowl of ice in front of your fan to get a nice “cooling mist”.


Invest in a sofa that is durable and lightweight.

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Fabric is more breathable than leather, and more comfortable in the summer heat!

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Take cool showers.

It’s time to give the water heater a break. Showering with lukewarm or cold water can bring your core body temperature down and is definitely more refreshing.

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